The central power plants supply the main part of all the  power heat which is used in Denmark. These power plants use coal or biomass for the production of electricity and  the heating, therfore they produce fly ash, bundaske and desulphurization.


From 1973 the power plants in Denmark used almost only oil as fuel. In 1973 the oil crisis came and that was the beginning of using Coal as fuel on the power plants. It resultet in a growing amount of fly ash from the coal.

Because of other countries experience in using the fly ash for coal burning in production of cement and concrete ELSAM/ELKRAFT og F.L. Smidt/Aalborg Portland A/S started a coorperation of using the Danish fly ash usefull.

This was the start of DANASKE i/s in 1978.

DANASKE i/s's business area became defined as sale and distribution of fly ash to cement-and concreteindusty. 

Aalborg Portland A/S' interest was to use both ash and raw material in cementproduktion and preparation of flyash cement.  Aalborg Portland A/S had experience in using fly ash and raw materiale in cement.

Before the energy crisis it was only a little amont of fly ash on a few 1000 tons, but in a few years it had reach an amount of 1.million tons.


Concrete industy shows interest for  the new raw product.


DANASKE i/s started a sales campaign handed to the concrete factories in Denmark. Through the years the use of fly ash in concrete manufacture in Denmark has developed and is very used.

Fly ash for the concrete industry are delievered in silo tank cars and contains 30-40 Tons each car m blown up in the customers silo.

Through the years the quality  to fly ash for concrete manufacturing has gained.I the beginning the claims were introduces by the Danish concrete normDS411. Because of thes claims, in 1989 there was etablished a control system administered by DANTEST (Dansk Institut for Prøvning) an later of  DTI (Dansk Teknologisk Institut). I 1995 , DS 411's claim to fly ash was replaced by an European standard for fly ash to concrete DS/EN 450, which became incorporated in quality requirements in Denmark.

 DS/EN 450 was partly used in connection with building of Storebælts connection in 1994-1996 where DANASKE i/s delivered about 70.000 tons fly ash.

From 1999 all fly ash was devoted to the concrete industry, product certified.


The 1. January 2002 DANASKE i/s became Emineral a/s.

In connection with Aalborg Portland at the end of 2001 left the owners, DANASKE changed the name to Emineral. The corporate forme changed from i/s to a/s.

The company is now owned with equal parts by Energi E2 A/S and Elsam Kraft A/S. The Company moved to Nordjyllandsværket, Vodskov, north Aalborg.

The 1 July 2006 the company changed owners again, Energy E2 and Elsam Krafts activities were transferred to respectively Vattenfall A/S and DONG Energy A/S.

The 1. July 2016 there came another change, Vattenfalls activities with operation of power plant in Denmark has been sold. The new owner took over ownership of Emineral. Emineral is hereby owned by Ørsted Bioenergy & Thermal Power A/S, HOFOR Energiproduktion A/S, Fjernvarme Fyn Produktion A/S og Nordjyllandsværket A/S.

in connection with ownership change Emineral moved from Aalborg to Skærbæk at Fredericia.

At the same time the supply of products which Emineral markets was changed, now Emineral carry out sales of all byproducts from the owners, coal- and biomass fired power plants.